Beth Manners came to us seeking advice and help in marketing and selling a Spanish language program aimed at elementary school children. Beth had a strong interest in encouraging people to be bi-lingual. To this end, she developed "Spanish in a Box" which contained tapes, games, and cultural information. 

SCORE counselors, Patricia Duncan and Peter Stack worked with her over a period of time to help monetize the product---with little success. Schools, under financial pressure, were cutting language programs and internet sales were modest, at best.

During our meetings Beth mentioned how she, on a volunteer basis, reviewed applications for her college, Tufts University, and how she helped guide her 2 children through the college application process.

We suggested that Beth pursue "College Counseling" as an alternate business. She was interested in this approach and at our suggestion took a number of on-line and on-site courses and interned with an existing counselor to gain certification.

We then had numerous discussions about pricing, full package and "a la carte" programs and how to gain publicity and market her service. While well-spoken and articulate she was not accustomed to public speaking so we helped her put together a presentation and rehearsed it with her.

Beth Manners


How SCORE helped. 

Business and market positioning totally redefined by SCORE. Successful in year 3.

The Manners Group College Consulting