In 2010, after over a decade of experience at Pitney Bowes, Becca Nell decided her love for real estate and construction was so strong she had to pursue it as her own business. That year, she founded Argyle Project Management LLC, and over the past four years has grown to a full-scale project and move management company. With Becca at the helm, Argyle uses savvy business and a one-of-a-kind marketing and business approach to help companies of all sizes transition into new real estate both seamlessly and efficiently.

From the beginning, Becca wanted Argyle to be different from other project move management companies, not only because of the exemplary quality of work but also in general client experience. Whether it’s preparing documents for client employees to facilitate the move or coordinating delivery and installation of large, delicate equipment, Argyle values and is committed to utilizing each team member’s diverse areas of expertise to create a positive and productive project. This is where our real strengths really stand out. We foster a cooperative, collaborative environment with high morale that is essential to a smooth project cycle. This can be challenging when field conditions, tight deadlines, and dwindling budgets impact on the process.

In her desire to give back to the business community, Becca joined SCORE as a counselor, but quickly realized she had found the right advisory and right support system with SCORE to help her follow her dream of starting her own business. To start Argyle, and maximize the chances of success of the venture, she needed a very clear plan of how to manage and grow the company. She worked closely with her two SCORE counselors over a series of many months to develop the outline of her business and her growth plan for the first three years.

The Argyle plan is simple, yet very effective. Each year Becca has set specific goals which have been exceeded. She meets regularly with her SCORE counselors who act as the Board of Directors for Argyle providing ongoing encouragement and direction. As a result of these, Becca has developed a $500,000+ business that is both extremely profitable and well-positioned for continued growth into the future.

Becca M. Nell, President. ARGYLE Project Management LLC.

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