Chris Ching cofounded Electric Enjin, a full-service creative technology agency, with a longtime friend and colleague. They had previously worked together to create advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, but they wanted their new firm to reflect the passion and honesty they so fiercely valued. “Companies hire us to make really cool digital stuff that makes their customers love them,” Ching, who serves as CEO, says.

Ching shared in his clients’ excitement for the products his firm was creating, but Electric Enjin still struggled to attract new clients in its early days. “We had all the right tools to complete projects, but no turn-key processes to bring in those prospects,” he recalls. “Being the new company on the block is very tough when you’re competing against agencies who have been around for decades.”

My successes. 

“Brian’s advice helped establish a clear direction for my company,” Ching says. ”We have more than doubled our revenue and added three new hires to the team.” Electric Enjin has also streamlined its processes to allow for a greater focus on client needs.

How SCORE helped. 

Ching felt the business was in a rut and he felt hopeless. He turned to SCORE for a second opinion on his business plan. Monthly meetings with volunteer mentor Brian Baxendale provided a way forward.

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