Diana Revolus calls her business, Ase Kreationz, a “for-profit ceramic studio with a nonprofit heart.” At Ase Kreationz, parents, kids, families and coworkers experience the therapeutic value of connecting through ceramic arts.

Revolus’ path to opening a ceramic studio was a unique one: She had been working as a parent and child advocate and a community activist in Norwalk, Connecticut under the auspices of her company, Ase. Through this work, she says, “I realized that the families and children that I’m working with need a different way to reconnect, away from the everyday screens that we have all become way too accustomed to.” At the time, many children were telling her that they felt they had no imagination.

Like the children she was working with, ­­­­­­Revolus herself needed a creative outlet – something that wouldn’t be too taxing for her as a multiple sclerosis patient and a single mom.  Revolus turned to ceramics, a hobby of hers since high school.

Now, through Ase Kreationz, Revolus helps children understand that they can use their natural talents to achieve more than is expected of them.

My successes. 

Revolus registered Ase Kreationz as an LLC and has partnered with organizations and schools. She is now working toward opening her own storefront in the heart of south Norwalk.

How SCORE helped. 

Revolus worked with SCORE mentor Barry Skalka, who she says “has been a help every step of the way.” Barry helped her set up her LLC, find a bookkeeper, and worked with her on solutions to her individual challenges. Revolus says, “I can’t stress how important it is to have a mentor who sees and believes in your vision just as much as you do.”

Revolus advises other potential entrepreneurs to get a SCORE mentor. She adds, “Fear is an illusion, but fear is part of the first step. Let go of all fear and align with your unique and innate talent for your success and accomplish your reason for being here.”

Ase Kreationz, LLC

My Mentors