You’ve been working for a large company or consulting firm for years, you’re restless, and thoughts of going out on your own fill your mind. You’re tired of bosses, structure, rigid hours, commuting etc. You find yourself dreaming of working for yourself and management consulting sounds like a good way to make this dream come true. There are many things to consider that, properly investigated, may make you change your mind. Conversely, your research may increase your resolve to go out on your own.

A first fundamental decision is to be very introspective and decide whether you can really tolerate being on your own with the sharp decrease in the collegiality that is a normal part of every large firm. To succeed on your own you will need to:

  • Substitute phone contact, email and social media for the direct relationships in an office
  • Develop even more self discipline and management of your time and projects
  • Learn more about the administration and financial management that you may have taken for granted in the large firm
  • Have patience in closing new clients—and the financial resources to be able to afford such patience
  • Have a sharply focused marketing strategy based on carefully considered positioning of your practice to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded consulting market place.
  • Maintain the scrupulous ethics and honesty that are the hallmark of any successful consultant—and to pay even more attention to the perception of ethical behavior.

These are just a few of the topics you will have to address if you are to succeed on your own. Download this guide to learn what can you expect, the steps to take to get started and how to avoid potential pitfalls in becoming an independing consultant. Get advice on building your business from a retired Certified Management Consultant (CMC) who has successfully completed this journey. 

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