SCORE Fairfield County offers a series of free online webinars. In an hour or less you can pick up new business skills while you learn from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere you have WIFI. New webinars are added every two weeks and archived webinars can always be viewed by following this link to our YouTube channel.

Additional webinars can also be found on the SCORE National office's webinar page.

Upcoming Webinars

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On Demand Webinars

03/26/20 - SBA Economic Disaster Loans For Coronavirus Related Economic Disruptions 

03/17/20 - Practical Tools and Techniques For Managing Multiple Priorities

02/18/20 - Should I Use QuickBooks Online for my business? 

02/04/20 - Key Infrastructure Decisions for Setting Up and Operating a Successful Small Business

01/21/20 - Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring

01/07/20 - Buying a Franchise: Is It Right for You?

12/17/19 - Your Digital Marketing Checklist for Building Revenue in 2020 

12/03/19 - Lessons Learned Running a Business: From Sales to Finance to HR and More

11/19/19 - Marketing the e-Commerce Business


10/22/19 – Professional Employer Organizations:  Solutions for Small Business

10/8/19 - Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets for Visibility Online Webinar

9/24/19 - Conversational Marketing – How to Grow Your Business “Socially” Using Facebook Messenger

9/10/19 - Using Internet-Based Services to Cut Costs, Boost Productivity & Deliver Faster

8/20/19 - Marketing the One-Person Business, Consulting or Professional Practice 

8/06/19 - Navigating the Digital Marketing Maze (replay of Jan. 8, 2019)

7/23/19 - Using Social Media to Grow Your Business: Best Practices and Newest Tools

7/09/19 - 7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners when Trying to Grow

6/18/19 - Using on-line Mega Retailers

6/04/19 - Essentials for a Great Website

5/21/19 - The Expert's Guide to Marketing on Facebook

5/07/19 - Leading with a Growth Mindset

4/30/19 - Five Keys to Successful Fundraising

4/16/19 - How to do a Lean Canvas for business and nonprofit organizations 

4/02/19 - Bitcoin Beyond the Hype - Why Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains Matter

3/19/19 - Social Media - Advanced Marketing Strategies

2/19/19 - Digital Productivity for your small business

2/19/19 - 10 Critical Tools for Promoting Your Brand Online

2/05/19 - Conversational Mktg: Grow Your Business “Socially” with Facebook Messenger 

1/22/19 - Choose the Business Entity Structure

01/08/19 - Navigating the Digital Marketing Maze 

12/18/18 - Financing Your Small Business or Startup Enterprise

12/04/18 - Loyal Customers Through Digital Experience

11/27/18 - Instagram for Small Business

10/30/18 - Protecting Your Data

10/23/18 - The latest and greatest in the 2018 tax laws

10/16/18 - Digital Marketing - DIY DIgital Imaging

10/02/18 - How to sell(almost) anything to anyone

09/18/18 - Why You Need Humor in Marketing

09/04/18 - Converting Website and Social Media Visitors to Customers

08/07/18 - How European Digital Privacy Laws(GDPR) Will Impact Businesses

07/31/18 - 12 Steps to a Successful Small Business

07/17/18 - Keyword Planning for SEO

06/19/18 - Grant Writing 101: Back to Basics

06/05/18 - 7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners When Trying to Grow

05/22/18 - Using Video in Social Media Marketing

05/08/18 - Jump Start Your Start Up

05/01/18 - How the New Laws Will Impact Your Individual and Business Taxes

04/17/18 - Tell Your Story on LinkedIn: Seal Your Brand

03/20/18 - Digital Marketing: The Customer Experience

02/06/18 - Retirement Income Planning for Small Businesses

01/23/18 - Balanced Marketing - Digital Mktg & Personal Relationships

01/09/18 - Managing Your Time to Increase Productivity and Sales

12/19/17 - Navigating the Digital Marketing Maze

12/12/17 - Time Management: Client Handling and Management

11/21/17 - Digital Marketing DIY Press Releases Made Easy

11/07/17 - Personal Planning in Six Key Areas 

10/31/17 - Time Management Part II - Delegate

10/17/17 - Modern Networking

10/03/17 - Branding With Success With Social Media Marketing

09/19/17 - 50 Ways to Get More Customers