July 21: Using QuickBooks Online to Grow Your Business July 21, 2021, 12:00pm EDT July 21, 2021, 12:00pm EDT
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All firms benefit form timely information about the business. QuickBooks Online can help you know what is happening and make good decisions. Is QuickBooks Online the right solution for your business? What version should you get and how do you start to use it?


You Will Learn:

  • How your firm can benefit from an accounting solution
  • What you should consider in choosing a solution
  • How to determine what version of QuickBooks Online is right for your firm
  • How to get started with QuickBooks Online


Prior to the Webinar:

  • Do you know how your business is doing NOW? Do you have to wait for monthly, quarterly or annual reports from your accountant to know how well you are doing?
  • If you need to make timely decisions to help your business succeed or grow you need good data. Learn how to this can be done.


Presenter: Caren Schwartz

Caren Schwartz is the founder and principal of Time & Cents Consultants, LLC, as well as an associate of 35*45 Consulting. 


She helps legal and other service professionals select, install, and get the most out of their practice management, billing, accounting, and other firm-specific technologies. 


Caren is an Advanced Certified Pro Advisor on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, as well as a certified consultant on a number of billing, accounting, and practice management solutions.  


July 21: Using QuickBooks Online to Grow Your Business