December 6: The Space Between the Trees – Finding New Business Opportunities December 6, 2022, 6:30pm EST December 6, 2022, 8:00pm EST
Westport Library (Komansky Room)
20 Jesup Road
Westport, CT, 06880

Have you ever wondered why when 2 businesses in the same market, selling the same product, one becomes fabulously successful, and the other limps along? Are you curious when even in down markets, some businesses thrive? Can it all be luck? Sometimes it is just the right place & time, but often it’s the ability to see opportunity where others don’t.

What you will learn:

  • To be present and observe, and the power of being proactive
  • How a shift in perspective can make all the difference
  • 8 effective strategies for finding opportunities
  • Quality questions to uncover hidden opportunities
  • How identifying or creating opportunities is less about resources and more about resourcefulness
  • Seeing what others look past and acting upon Finding opportunities in a challenging business environment 

Presenter: Richard Kuepper

Richard Kuepper is the Founder and President of L.E.A.D. U.S.A., L.L.C., a Connecticut-based corporate learning, and development company. He has spent the last 25 years delivering dynamic programs to organizations in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rich's ability to design high-impact, customized programs for organizations has him highly sought as a consultant, speaker, and coach in leadership and team development, optimal performance, growth mindset and wellbeing. Some of L.E.A.D.'s clients include Bigelow Tea, Gartner, Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, G.E., B.I.C. Corporation.

Prior to founding L.E.A.D., Rich worked globally as a Master Trainer and Coach for Anthony Robbins in personal learning and development forums and has an extensive engineering and sales background for Phillips and Pitney Bowes.

This Workshop is Sponsored by the Westport LIbrary

Key Topics

December 6: The Space Between the Trees – Finding New Business Opportunities