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SCORE Business Mentoring

Confidential business counseling and mentoring for start-ups and existing businesses, including non-profits. We have over 130 experienced volunteers across many industries and disciplines all providing their service at no cost to you.

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Choose from over 160 in-person workshops held each year at convenient nearby locations and 24 live webinars and many on-demand webinars. We target a wide range of current topics faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners. All provided at no cost to you.

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SCORE Resources, Tools & FAQ's

Looking to start a business? Search through these resources for start-up ideas and guides on how to start a business. Simplified Business Plans, Financial Templates and key FAQ's.

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What SCORE Offers

  • Industry experts across many fields
  • Respectful and confidential professional advice
  • Practical guidance from successful people
  • Non-confrontational, non-judgemental discussions
  • Real help to define, analyze and develop customized solutions

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